Help us protect our aged, needy seniors in the homes we operate in five Pennsylvania counties. Foundation will give her a monthly gift for the rest of her life, that little extra she needs to avoid moving into government subsidized housing at age 82.

Will you contribute to our Rent Subsidy Fund? 


Just $0.06 a day, or $19 a month

“Your rent subsidy allowed me to live in one of your wonderful houses”


“I could never have afforded to live so comfortably and safe without the subsidy you gave me”

“The world has forgotten us. We worked all our lives and never made enough money to save for dignity and safety in our old age … Strangely, $1,500 a month is too much income to qualify for the government programs for housing”

“The monthly subsidy was easy and dignified to qualify for. It’s a life changer”


"Section 8 is both not available and, where available, the housing is dangerous and unsafe. Your program saved my life.”

Your Gift Is Tax Deductible